Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Over! They are Done!

It's Over! The studying, the stress, the staying up until all hours of the night ... Finished!

I swear, it feels like such a hUge weight was just lifted off my shoulders and it feels amazing!

Out of all the years I've been in high school, all the midterms weren't bad, but this year was torture not as easy as the rest.

BUT I don't want to talk about school. Honestly, it bores me (I'm yawning right now).

I'm done with this post.

(P.S. I made a really funny video when I was studying for my Spanish midterm.... I haven't decided if I will put it up yet because I will admit - It's embarrassing, but extremely funny haha).

Do something for yourself today!

With a Smile,
Kara Jae

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