Friday, January 21, 2011

Fur Vests, Blazers, and Leather Jackets

Winter is cold. Obviously. lol It can cause the most stress for fashionistas when trying to pick out the right outfit that looks cute and also keeps you warm. Luckily, you can put blazers and other jackets or vests on to keep you warm while still staying stylish.

Here are some good picks of blazers, leather jackets, and fur vests for the winter:

This is a perfect winter look. The blazer matches great with the shirt and is pulled together in a great hipster way. Even if it's cold outside, the blazer can help you pull off the outfit while keeping you warm without putting a huge winter coat on! (This look is more for November weather...I wouldn't recommend wearing it when there is a blizzard outside. With common sense (we hope), you would wear something warmer. Much warmer. A winter coat would be the choice for this outfit [given that weather condition]) lol

Omg x2... I Looove this outfit. Where do I start?! The blazer shown above is the perfect combination for a stylish look that covers bear arms in the cold weather. It has a great pattern that can really be worn with anything. Love it!

Ah! I'm craving this outfit! The over sized blazer, motorcycle boots, floral leggings, big bag.... it's heaven! (If you haven't figured by now, I'm in love with flower's been my quest of the season to find the most perfect pair)! haha the blazer goes great with this outfit making it trendy and at the same time a little more chic then casual. The jacket gives it that extra "hit the spot" item that makes the outfit pop.

Awww. This outfit is adorable, but I picked it out to make note of the shirt and dog the fur blazer. They make an outfit look so fashionable and can really add style to it. (Back in my Dim Sum post, I put a pic up of what I wore. I had on a black fur vest... I wear it to death and makes all my outfits look great)! Anyways, fur vests are great toppers to spice up that "going out look". Through on a cool pair of jeans, and any shirt.... add the fur blazer, some high pumps, a long necklace, and some knock-out bracelets and there you have a perfect outfit :)

 You have no idea. None. Not even a wee bit of how much I love this outfit. The blazer I think is what makes it ...the pants of course are amazing and the tie-dye color shirt underneath the lace/fringe shirt makes it look so fun! Five stars for this outfit and blazer loving styles :)


They keep you warm and makes an outfit look so chic...what more do you need?

I have a leather jacke and it"s a dark brown color. It works great with everything I wear and a leather jacket should do the same for you.  In the picture above, I like the scarf that was paired with it. You can layer warm shirts and match nice scarfs with it too! Make sure that if you go to pick out a jacket, that it is a neutral color that you can wear with anything. This way, you will be able to get a lot of use out of it! :)

So have fun with toppers....they can turn and outfit from casual/work to party/chic in a matter of 10 seconds!

Enjoy your winter season hopefully feeling warm and stylish at the same time!

Your Blazer Friendly friend,
Kara Jae 

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