Saturday, April 30, 2011

The fairytale of a Lifetime

There are honestly no words to describe how beautiful the wedding was. Yes, I DID get up at 4am just to watch the guests arrives with their magnificent fascinators (So cool)! I think everyone was waiting so long for the moment to see Prince William marry the girl he loves, and finally the day arrived! Her dress was stunning. It was very traditional with work from the bottom of the dress moving upward. I was in love with the waist and up. The lace sleeves and plunging neckline fit the bride and princess-to-be perfectly! The day seemed perfect and to end the public ceremonies, they sealed it with a kiss! (Actually TWO!) haha

I wish I was some sort of royalty just so I could be invited to the reception! Maybe someday......
BUT while I wait for that to happen, I'll set my hopes of meeting a British boy and falling in love with him instead!

I feel so lucky because normally most people read about fairytales, but I witnessed one today! AW!

Sweet dreams...
Love, your future princess, (hopefully)
Kara  Jae

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding

So yesterday I sat down to listen to the soothing voice of Barbara Walters as she narrated the 20/20 special of the royal marriage!

*Insert Sigh here*

I wish I was marrying a prince (actually take out the marrying and put in: knew/liked/fell in love with) - for now at least. haha

The special talked about Kate and William and how they grew up in their own lives. They are both talented, intelligent, worldly people. At some point, their paths crossed and it sparked a love affair. They have stayed together (They sorta had a on-and-off relationship. The reason was mostly due to the media making a big deal over everything) and truly do love each other. I think it's wonderful that even though she is a "commoner",  it really doesn't matter to the Queen. She just wants her grandson to be happy! It goes to prove that it doesn't matter what label a person is born with or has. What matters is who she really is. Nonetheless, through obstacles and waiting (9 YEARS OMG) they are together at last! Awwww how cute!

I adore them both together! She is so pretty and he's a cutie. Like what better pair can you think of? Honestly?!

See if you can find the special and watch it when you do! In the mean time, I will be getting some extra sleep so when I wake up early as early as 4am to watch the wedding, I don't fall asleep!

Lovely dreaming and wishing,
Kara Jae

P.S. Everyone has a prince/princess out there, you just have to look hard enough to find them :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello my lovelies,
P.S. - in advance, I plan on making this a long post (for no particular reason) I just have many random things that I would like to fill you in on that has to do with my life.




I swear I can breathe now! haha

Friday was color wars at my school (it's like a field day). It was so much fun, but a little chilly. I spent the day with my friends and took tons of pics :)

But, I think the whole day I was more concerned about all the things I would be able to do now that break is here. My mind has been everywhere from needing to go shopping to wanting to take some time to make a few fashion sketches *Fun Fact* (yes, I sketch fashion designs and have since I was in the 8th grade)! However, I still have to focus on preparing for the SATs which are coming up soon.... the one in May is slowly approaching and being that I am procrastination's #1 fan, it's hard for me to actually start my work.

So what can I fill you in on? Well, recently I've been thinking about my favorite comedians and people who are just hysterical. I've figured out that I'm obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. He is just so funny and I don't know what it is, he just makes me laugh until my stomach hurts! I love his show and now try to make an attempt to watch it whenever it's on lol. Another favorite comedian of mine is Ellen DeGeneres. Seriously, that woman is amazing. Everything she says, every word that comes out of her mouth is just hysterical. I love how she can truly make ANYTHING funny. I would love to be on her show one day and I would love to take this opportunity now and just make a shout out to her. So Ellen, if you ever come across this and read it, I hope you know that I would love to be on your show.... I'm seriously considering putting "get on Ellen Show" on my bucket list. Thank you for your time and for reading this. Sincerely, Kara Jae

Recently I've been in love with Kendall Jenner. I'm so jealous of that girl. She is so beautiful and has the longest legs known to mankind. I always wished I had really long legs or that I would be 5'9, but 5'5 is horrible isn't that bad. I love her style and the face that she doesn't have to pile on the makeup for a natural everyday look. She is naturally pretty. He modeling skills are insane - I would love to meet her one day.

Talking about style, I'm loving Hailee Steinfeld. She was the little girl who was nominated for an OSCAR at the age of 14 (yeah no joke) for True Grit. I really want to see that movie solely for the purpose to see her. From what I have heard, she did an amazing job and it was a true accomplishment. I also love her style. She isn't scared to wear anything different because she dresses for herself without caring what US Weekly or the media will say about her. She's just one of those girls that if I knew, I would want to be her friend. I hope I get to meet her one day and truly wish the best for her! She has such a future ahead of her!!

OMG I could not forget about my current JAM of the moment. JESSIE J is my music inspiration. Nobody's Perfect is my fav song at the moment and I just cannot stop abusing the replay button. Ugh, she is just to amazing. Her video for the song just came out and it is pretty awesome - go check it out for sure! Oh and my friend just bought her CD so I will be borrowing that from her pretty soon- more like tomorrow.
A new musician that I think is not recognized is Example (yes that's his name). Listen to Changed the Way you kissed me and Two Lives by him (Example) he's really good and his songs are kinda addicting - **beware** haha

OHH RANDOM SIDE note: check out my tumblr if you haven't I love it and Tumblr is just an amazing idea. The man who created it, well, YOU ROCK haha

I just started to make a list of my favorite models and I'll share them with you now haha because what's the point of making a list if I'm not going to use it for anything?... Anyway, my all time favorite is Miranda Kerr. She is just amazing and always knows the perfect pose. She has a organic cosmetic line that you guys should check out it's called Kora Organics, go look at it! Oh and she just had a son. Flynn so congrats Miranda and Orlando (ahh what a beautiful couple)
My other favorite model is Kendall Jenner, but I already mentioned her..... Emily Didonato is a fairly new model. She is only 17 and is Maybelline's main model girl. I'm jealous of her eyes. I want them (that sounds creepish, but y'all know what I mean) haha But, look at her stuff, she is unbelievable. Another favorite model happens to be a man hehe... his name is Francisco Lachowski. If you've never seen him, well stop what you are doing and google him NOW. He is literally a god. Bless him for being that good-looking! haha

Well, I think all of my interesting life stories have been told (even though they aren't stories - more like facts or statements, uhh let's use tidbits) I hope this fed your hunger of a real blog. It feels good to write this. I miss writing so much, but expect more blogs to be published now because I have some down-time.

Miss you darlings and come back for more!

Kara Jae