Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Coming to an End...

The end of an era...

My Harry Potter story starts like this:

I'm not a pure blooded fanatic, but I do have to say I am a fan. I used to watch the Harry Potter movies with my dad when the first came out. However, due to my young age I could never really get into them. I feel like it was a combination of the bloody/Erie/confusing - ness of everything plus the strange words and things that happened that were unexplainable added to my dislike of the movie. Eventually at around the release of the 5th movie, I just stopped watching them. It was too much to understand especially not having read the books at all. A couple years later, one of my friends (i found out) was a Harry Potter fan. (one of the obsessed ones). LOL
She made me watch all of them again and try and give them a chance. I did and loved them. I couldn't wait to watch the next one. So, I made a goal to myself that I would watch all of them until I got caught up in order to see the one that just came out! Obviously I did :) haha
I went last night to the midnight showing and it was amazing! The fight scenes were intense, the courage was astonishing and the characters were so epic. I loved the ending and it was truly a great end to the series!

If you haven't seen it, GO. haha no really GO and see it! It's something you have to do if this has been a part of your childhood ...

With Harry Potter greatness lol
Kara Jae 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Hairstyles

Hello lovelies!

This summer is super duper hot! We constantly feel like we have a need to put our hair up, but sometimes we want to keep  it down a pretty. Trying to achieve those "Beachy waves" and "perfect updo" for summer can be tricky. But, I've finally found the perfect slide show of hairstyles that are perfect for the summer and along with them a blurb of directions on how to get the look! enjoy ....

I love a lot of them and will definitely be putting them to use on these hot summer days ahead!

With lovely locks,
Kara Jae

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is something I have been proud of for a while and haven't been able to show anyone yet! I love different hairstyles and matching them with the outfit that you are wearing at a certain time.

I went out a couple Sundays ago and put my hair in a stylish ponytail. I love the way it came out and took a picture of it!

I just teased the top part of my hair, pulled it back in a ponytail, and then wrapped extra hair around the scrunchie holder to give it a more finished look.

Simple, easy, and so stylish all at the same time! Have fun and enjoying trying it out for the summer :)

Kara Jae

Check it out!

I picked up these sticker nails from CVS. They are so cool... I got zebra and cheetah. They are super easy to put on and they give you such a stylish summer look for your nails :)

Happy Nail Decorating,
Kara Jae


In my family, most people don't know the word early. But I DO it's just that it looks like I'm late because the rest of my family is haha.

Anyways, the whole point of this is that I think I found a possible graduation song for my graduation next year! It's called At the beginning from the Disney moive, Anastasia... listen and tell me what you think!

With Love and beginningness,
Kara Jae

I've realized..

So I've just realized how horrible I am at keeping up with posting.

          \\  Really, I am. \\

I was so excited to get a blog, but I think once I labeled it as a fashion" or make up" blog I couldn't just stick to one thing and was feeling pressured to just talk about those things. So it took me all this time to realize that no one was really holding me back (so surprising when I'm the only one writing about this LOL) and I could do whatever I want.


I am writing about whatever I want and I have a feeling I will be posting much more often after this!

Signing off with a different perspecitive: this is Kara Jae...out