Sunday, January 9, 2011


Good evening blog readers :)

I haven't done a food post yet so I thought I would tell you about my favorite things . . .


They are my life. I don't like birthday cake; I won't eat it, but cupcakes I WILL EAT haha

Over the summer, my sister went to a camp at Penn State and my mom, dad, and I stayed in an adorable inn 5 mins away. When we were there for a couple days, we ventured around the town going into shops, exploring the area, did some shopping, and eating at different restaurants

We came across a place called *ndulge.... they had the most AMAZING cupcakes I have ever had!! The display was beautiful from the wrapping that held the cupcake to the icing and toppings. They had the best cake part and the icing tasted like heaven. The flavors ranged from Amaretti for Cherry, to Chocolate Moussetachio and many more! Safe to say, every time we passed the shop, we bought some! I fell IN LOVE with them (and of course my mom and dad did as well) lol

You MUST visit this place and eat their cupcakes! Check out their website .....

These are a couple of the ones we had... I tried to snap a good picture of them, but they are so much better looking in person haha: (going clockwise) in the front is Amaretti for Cherry, to the left, is The Chocoholic, Coconut sCream, Chocolate Moussetachio, and Red Velvet


With love and cupcakes,

Kara Jae

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  1. Have you had cupcakes from Crumbs? Theres a store here in Hollywood.. its SO freaking good