Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Long over Due

This post has been long over due.  I have been busy with things that I actually forgot that I had to post something. I have a tumblr and I've been pretty occupied with that and I constantly update it so if you have one follow me! (sheer-luck.tumblr.com)

BUT last time I posted it was September. I was upset, annoyed and super stressed and the stressing hasn't gone away but everything else is great! I applied to all my colleges and I'm still waiting to hear back from many--we will see what happens in January and February of next year.

Christmas just passed and it was great! I had a lot more fun this year than any other I don't know why though....maybe because I'm older? Lol but anyway, the day after Christmas I went into the city with a friend to go shopping and that's always a good idea after the holidays because of the sales! ahh it was amazing. We went everywhere, Soho, Herald Sq., Times Sq., Union Sq., and Bryant Park! And of course I had to buy things!

 I got a make up brush from Sephora....it was a angled brush that you use for your cheeks. These types of brushes are always good to have when applying make up so you can use them for applying bronzer. Most of the time, you can use bronzer to outline the features on your face like cheek bones, the sides near the temples of your head, your nose and chin. It also gives your face a warmer look and makes it pop with structure outlines.  I also got a lip salve from Anthropologie (I love that store)it was in the flavor of Rosebud and now I just can't imagine my life without it... lol just kidding, but honestly i will be taking it with me everywhere.  We stopped at forever 21 and I had things in mind I wanted to get and look for, but it was that awkward season where they only had sweaters and cardigans out nothing really else. So i ended up getting a sweater that is pink and dark blue striped and a plain grey cardigan that I know will go with anything. I also picked up a ring that had a small jade stone on it.... it was preeeeetty. Anyway I really just wanted to look for circle scarves, aka infinity scarves. I want like a million of them I think they are so warm and comfty and cute looking. You can wear them with ANYTHING. I tried to look for some in different colors that were neutral, but let alone look for colors, I couldn't fine the scarves themselves! So I will still be on the look out for them!

Alright, that's really all for now...it feels good to blog again! I'll try and keep my blog more current - maybe a new years resolution? haha okay

Bye guys, have a great day!!
Kara Jae :)

P.s. thanks to bobby for reminding  me that I had a blog and haven't posted since September. Shame on me! hahah