Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big Sweaters and Cardigans

During the winter, a big sweater or warm cardigan can come in handy. While trying to stay stylish, but warm on those extremely cold days, pick out a long cardigan or sweater with a pattern or design. Here are some examples:

This is a really interesting sweater. It gives a great color and pop to the outfit while still giving you warmth! haha

This huge, bulky sweater has such a pretty pattern on it! It can help you dress up a look (add a black, winter dress underneath with tights and heels) or it can keep you warm on a casual day, (Put on some grey acid wash jeans and black/navy blue military boots with a thermal shirt) and stay comfortable all day long.

Ahhhh! Ok, I loooove this sweater so much! It has been my goal and fashion "look-for" this year! I'm still searching for a perfect leopard sweater (The one in the picture is from a store in Australia so I don't think I will  be getting that anytime soon haha) It goes great with blacks and bones and gives such a flare to that "regular, plain" cardigan that everyone has.

It might be hard to see the actual design of this cardigan so I tried to enlarge it ....

Aaaalright. That's better, I think...... haha anyways, I love this sweater so much. (Btw, to me, sweaters and cardigans are the same thing lol so don't mind if I use the words interchangeably lol) This vintage 80s gemmed cardigan is from Penelope's Vintage (such a cute store ... check it out) The blue color allows you to pair it with dark colors which can help brighten up the "dull and dark" winter looks. Put a nice necklace on and some matching earrings and you are set with the stylish, and perfect outfit for winter!

Always staying warm and being stylish,

Kara Jae

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