Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashion Time

Hello Loves!

Today is fashion post day! wooohoo . . .

I'm going to focus on pants and leggings before winter is officially over (which I hope it will be soon), because then it's all about shorts!

Here we go
                     Pants and leggings. Honestly, I think that they are your best option to choose when going out at night and having to decide what to wear. Sometimes it might be too cold out to put on a skirt or dress, so choosing pants and leggings are a great choice!

This outfit is a perfect, basic example. The outfit as a whole is a great look to wear when going out to a causal place. The button down shirt gives it a nice, crisp look and the black circle scarf adds warmth and a wintry feel to it. The leggings pull this outfit in and look great with the shirt. The boots are my fav haha but the motorcycle style boots look great on this edgy looking outfit all together. To jazz it up a bit, you can add some big bulky bracelets (neutral colors I would say: i.e. gold, silver, bronze, metallic black).

I really like this outfit. As you can see, the leggings are the main part to this outfit. They provide as a great "pant" and makes it easy to get dressed for going out. The boots are great because they have that hard, black, moto boot look to it, but with the heel it dresses up the outfit a little more. The sweater is so cute and great for warmth and the bag and bracelets really finish the look off nice

This next picture shows another example of how to wear leggings when going out. This outfit is so simple, with just black jeggings and a white shirt, but all you need to add is a trendy little bag (like the feather one shown above), some long necklaces and maybe a stone bracelet to complete the look. Whether you are trying to pull off a fancy or just trendy look add either tall army boots are a big platform heel boots. They can make the world's difference by just adding a heel or going flat footed.

I love these leggings. When you search for a great pair of leggings, look for this type. The top looks like a pant, but inside the knees is leather. This is such a cool, stylish piece of clothing that you can wear over and over again making a different look each time. You can dress it down by adding a tshit on top, just wearing a sweat shirt like the girl shown above did, or add a nice flowy or fancy top to dress it up.

 Have a great day with an amazing stylish looks!
Kara Jae

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