Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Truth?

I only trust 2 people in my life. And I’m happy with that.

You know how there are those people who might say to you “You should be lucky that I trust you?” Well they are wrong. THEY should be the ones who feel lucky because they can trust YOU.

We all have that one person (or in my case, two), people that you can tell anything to. You know that they won’t judge you, or control you. They don’t take you for granted. They love you for who you are and you feel so lucky to have them. I am so thankful for that and more…

So what am I most thankful for? The truth. Sometimes it’s the truth you’ve been trying not to face, or the truth that will change your life. Sometimes it’s the truth that’s a long time coming. Or the truth that you prayed would never see the light of day. Some truths may not be heard the way we hoped they would. But they linger, long after they’ve been said. But the kind of truth I’m most thankful for? The kind you never see coming, that falls right into your lap.

With secrets to hide and truths to tell...
Kara Jae

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