Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Burlesque!

Over the weekend I watched Burlesque. For the 5th time...

crazy, right?

Nope! It is such an awesome movie I could watch it over and over again (clearly haha). It stars Cher and Christina Aguilera in the movie. Christina is one of my all time favorite singers and it was great to see her dance and sing in such a colorful, fun, exciting movie!

She looked completely different - strawberry blonde hair, bangs, and barely no make up on - a look that is clearly nottraditional for her. However, she looked phenomenal! It was a much fresher look and she pulled it off well! The music was amazing and right after watching the movie, I downloaded like half the songs to itunes lol. Also, the costumes were so pretty and sparkly and the sets were unbelievable!

The movie as a whole was perfect... everything was great and Christina's flawless voice made me love it even more. She gives me the chills when she sings because she is just sooooo good!

Everyone go out and see the movie if you haven't. It's WORTH IT!

with love,
Kara Jae

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