Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A trip to the City for Patricia Field and Dim Sum

My outfit for Sunday's trip to the city:

Shirt - Forever 21
Fur Vest - A boutique in the city
Boots - Steven Madden Heel Boots with Ruffles
Bag - Betseyville
Bow Necklace - Patricia Field


On Sunday, I went into the city solely for the purpose of Dim Sum which is a delicious type of Chinese dumplings. They are cooked in different ways (steam, fried, or crispy) and there is an ongoing list of all the different combinations they come in. We ate at a restaurant called Chinatown Grasserie, which was recommended by a highly regarded chef who happens to be a friend of ours. (It is located on Lafayette Street). We made our reservations for 2:30 but got into the city at around 1:30.

On the way in, passing the streets of Soho, I noticed a sparkly shop window that was filled with crazy clothes and jewelry…

Patricia Field Window

I almost screamed…. I absolutely love stylist Patricia Field! I first found out about her on Paris Hilton’s Show: My New BFF.  I looked up some more information on the store and found out that Patricia did the styling for Ugly Betty, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Sex and the City 1 & 2! However, she doesn’t do most of the designing in her store – she only has a few signature pieces (one I picked up for my friend who is just as crazy over her and the store as I am) haha The clothing and other pieces in the store come from different vendors; she doesn’t design anything past her necklaces, and some bags.
So of course we went in. I felt like I was in a dream world. One filled with glitter and crazy outfits with unique parts to each one. We walked around the whole store and I wanted to buy everything that I saw, but held back (That was a big thing for me especially because I am a shopaholic) haha I still have one piece from Patricia Field that my friend got me for my 16th birthday … it’s a bow necklace and I wear it with as many things as I can!

Shoes up against a wall in the store

Keith Haring clothing

Some of the jewelry that was in the display

Patricia Field

So after walking around the store and taking pictures for my blog ;) we headed back to the restaurant. The inside was so Chinese chic… The walls were painted with beautiful flowers and bamboo sticks and hanging from the ceilings were bright red Chinese lanterns. The bar was covered in dark cherry wood and embossed with a shiny brown flower pattern. Downstairs there was a quoi pond surrounded by mirrors. After we sat down to eat we literally ordered every kind of Dim Sum there was on the menu. (For our first time trying it, it was a risk to take) haha

The food looked and smelled amazing. One of my favorite combinations of Dim Sum was Applewood bacon wrapped around shrimp and asparagus. It came with a sweet and sour sauce that was a perfect add of flavor. I recommend you getting it when you go there ;) We tried so many other combinations and I also had a salad that was made of green noodles with chicken in peanut sauce…. It was delicious!
Pretty Wallpaper

Bar with Chinese lanterns

Huge Chinese Lantern

Dim Sum!

Our Table of food

Dim Sum

How cute! It looks like a little face! haha this was a sweet pea and shrimp dumpling

Beautiful Lanterns that were hung in the middle of the restaurant

After filling ourselves and enjoying our meal, we headed to the Forever 21 in union square. I have to say, I was disappointed in the selection, but still bought a patterned, colorful, sweater from the Heritage section and a flower patterned tunic from the Forever section … I’m sure I will get use out of them, especially in this freezing cold weather!

So I think it’s safe to say that it was a successful day in the city and there should be more days like this to come . . . (fingers crossed)! Haha

Yours truly,
Kara Jae

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