Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashion Time

This first look has been a role model for me during this season. I love how you can pair a cute shirt and a plain sparkly skirt together and then add some bootie shoes. However, the jacket is what makes it or breaks it. If you are going for the "party or fancy" look, think about putting on a blazer or leather jacket. If you just want to be warm and cozy, but also look chic with a finished look, don't be scared to add a bulky sweater that matches with the rest of your outfit. You can add a nice scarf or a fashionable hat depending on how cold it is too!

This next look I absolutely love, solely for the purpose that you can wear it anywhere. A blazer is always a good clothing item to have in your closet for that "finisher" that you can use for any look - even if you want to dress it up. You can buy a really cute dress, any color, and get some matching jewelery to go with it. You can wear stockings if you want, and don't be scared to choose a pattern when you do - pick a sheer black, or lace pattern too. Choose a beautiful pair of booties to go with the look (or you can even use tall boots)... I am in love with the boots that are in the picture above, and then a light creamy rose color looks great under the dark blazer with sheer tights.

I love this dress because it is different... the pleated style with the loose chiffon and big sleeve on the one shoulder really makes it unique. Being that it is black, you can feel free to pack on the jewelery with small pieces. But another option is to use one statement piece, like the feather necklace shown in the picture above (I'm in loooooove haha), which can really be beautiful.

This look is almost typical for the winter. The leather skinny pants are great for the cold weather and give off such a chic look. The booties (which are a popular trend for this season) are a great addition to the look. The peacott with a warm cream colored hat can finish it off to be the perfect season outfit.

Be creative this season and buy tons of cool jewelry! haha

With style,
Kara Jae

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