Thursday, December 30, 2010

I need Ganesha

Hi Darlings,

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with your families! It was great to have a break from school and spend some time with the fam :) It's always a story when we get together and share the love haha

On to my post . . .

So I've kinda had a thing for elephants.


Since I was in Pre-k my favorite stuffed animal was an elephant. All of my greatest moments happened with that elephant. I'm not sure what happened to it, but every since then, elephants were my favorite animals. I got a chance to ride on an elephant once and it was one of the best moments of my life. They are such big animals, but are so calm, humble, and relaxing. So yeah, you can say we have a special bond ..... I'm not sure what it is, but they make me feel so special like they almost know who I am. I feel so down to earth when I'm with them and I can just be me; I love them :)  

Trust me, there is a reason on why I'm going on about elephants. Recently I've been really interested in Buddhism and Hinduism. After watching Eat.Pray.Love., I wanted to learn about the different religions and cultures. I liked how they focused on the "inner self" and peace and harmony. They are things that sound so essential to live a balanced life. The other day when I was watching the movie (for the like the 10th time haha) I heard David (one of the characters) talk about Ganesha, a god, who was known as the "Remover of Obstacles". I knew there was a reason I only heard that part....

During this past year and even during different times in general, so many obstacles get in the way of what we need to do. They stop us from following the path that we are on and try to distract us from the right way. They cause stress and worries, that aren't needed in life! I needed something or someone to help me get through those mini obstacles and bumps in the road - and I think I finally found the answer.

Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvati as a guardian to her privacy. Parvati's husband never respected her wish of privacy to the extent of entering her bathroom while she was taking a bath. She decided to settle this once and for all. Before taking a bath the next day, she rubbed off the sandalwood paste on her body and  made a figure of a young boy. She breathed life to it and told him that he was her son and he should guard her from anyone entering on her. Later on, Shiva (Lord of Destruction and Parvati's husband) came to see Parvati, but the boy blocked him. Without knowing that the boy was his son, Shiva fought with him in a battle and took off his head. When Parvati returned from her bath, she was so angry to find out what happened. She threatened to destroy the heavens, but Shiva stopped her and told his followers to bring the head of the first living being they encounter. The first animal they saw was an elephant, so they chopped off his head and put it on his son. They breathed life into him and Parvati embraced him with love and joy.

The most striking feature of Ganesha is its elephant head. The elephant is the largest and strongest of animals in the forest. Yet he is gentle and, amazingly, a vegetarian, so that he does not kill to eat. They are affectionate and loyal to their keeper and are filled with love and kindness. Ganesha is very a powerful deity. An elephant can destroy a whole forest and can be like a "one-man army" when provoked in a harmful way. However, on the flip side, he is loving and forgiving and moved by the affection of his devotees. He helps remove the bad things in the path that your life is traveling.

So, If you need help with the path that your life is headed in, go to Ganesha. Follow him, worship him, and talk to him. He will help you and things will turn around.

Keep him in the back of your mind for the new year that is coming....... very soon :)

With love and elephants,

Kara Jae


  1. hey kara!
    its so weird u commented on my "hair story post" on my blog and i clicked onto your profile.. im a Hindu...and Ganesh (Ganpati as you can also call him) is one of the God's I pray to. I actually wear a necklace that has a dancing Ganesh pendant.. i neverr take it off...
    im actually going through something really upsetting right now and so i think it was both weird and amazing that i clicked onto your profile and see a big picture of him and its made me so happy.. :) so thank you :)

    in our religion we are supposed to pray to Ganesh first...and then the other God's, as like you said he removes all obstacles...also his father Lord Shiva isnt really that bad ;)

    your post is so cutee and i really strongly believe Ganesh is looking down on you smiling :)

  2. ohh do you have an email address? i want to send you a picture of my necklace! i think you'll like it :)