Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funny Stuff . . .

Well this is funny….
I was thinking about this today and found it, well, strange/funny/weird haha
One person who I truly admire is supermodel,  Miranda Kerr. She has done so much  between traveling from one country to the next in a matter of one week, writing a book (which is called Treasure Yourself  – I can’t wait to read it!!), doing interviews and photo shoots every other day and she also just got married! But around June, it was announced that she was pregnant! She is taking it easy and still going to events, but she isn’t following her regular hectic schedule of events.  It is amazing that she can balance all of it together! But not only is she pregnant, so many other people are too! It's crazy!

Last night, I was watching E! and heard that Mariah Carey was pregnant ... I saw pictures of Gwen Stefani pregnant (and she still looks pretty) and makeupartist, Kandee Johnson is having a girl!  
 I just thought it was odd that so ,any people are pregnant at the same time ... It made me think though, so many people are lucky to have healthy babies, but shouldn't forget about the people who have newborns that aren't healthy.
New Borns in Need
is a charity that takes care of sick and needy babies and their families. It would be nice to donate some money to them if you can or just go on the best site so you are aware of what the charity does... Please follow this link below to make a donation and to see where the money will be going. It's truly inspiring . . .
With love and hope for healthy babies,

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