Friday, April 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding

So yesterday I sat down to listen to the soothing voice of Barbara Walters as she narrated the 20/20 special of the royal marriage!

*Insert Sigh here*

I wish I was marrying a prince (actually take out the marrying and put in: knew/liked/fell in love with) - for now at least. haha

The special talked about Kate and William and how they grew up in their own lives. They are both talented, intelligent, worldly people. At some point, their paths crossed and it sparked a love affair. They have stayed together (They sorta had a on-and-off relationship. The reason was mostly due to the media making a big deal over everything) and truly do love each other. I think it's wonderful that even though she is a "commoner",  it really doesn't matter to the Queen. She just wants her grandson to be happy! It goes to prove that it doesn't matter what label a person is born with or has. What matters is who she really is. Nonetheless, through obstacles and waiting (9 YEARS OMG) they are together at last! Awwww how cute!

I adore them both together! She is so pretty and he's a cutie. Like what better pair can you think of? Honestly?!

See if you can find the special and watch it when you do! In the mean time, I will be getting some extra sleep so when I wake up early as early as 4am to watch the wedding, I don't fall asleep!

Lovely dreaming and wishing,
Kara Jae

P.S. Everyone has a prince/princess out there, you just have to look hard enough to find them :)

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