Saturday, April 30, 2011

The fairytale of a Lifetime

There are honestly no words to describe how beautiful the wedding was. Yes, I DID get up at 4am just to watch the guests arrives with their magnificent fascinators (So cool)! I think everyone was waiting so long for the moment to see Prince William marry the girl he loves, and finally the day arrived! Her dress was stunning. It was very traditional with work from the bottom of the dress moving upward. I was in love with the waist and up. The lace sleeves and plunging neckline fit the bride and princess-to-be perfectly! The day seemed perfect and to end the public ceremonies, they sealed it with a kiss! (Actually TWO!) haha

I wish I was some sort of royalty just so I could be invited to the reception! Maybe someday......
BUT while I wait for that to happen, I'll set my hopes of meeting a British boy and falling in love with him instead!

I feel so lucky because normally most people read about fairytales, but I witnessed one today! AW!

Sweet dreams...
Love, your future princess, (hopefully)
Kara  Jae

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