Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So for the past (uhh how long?) couple of days I've been M.I.A.

                                                          SO SORRY about that

Really I am. I promised myself that I would be so much better at posting now that I don't have to post about anything in particular and honestly I don't know what happened, but I still continued not to blog. Gosh, I have really got to get myself (and blog) together! I'm ashamed! Maybe when school starts I'll have more things to tell or write about, but as of now I'm just trying to soak in the last couple days of summer before school starts. These are like freedom days because even when you have off during the school year for weeks or days at a time, you still know that you have to go back soon. It's not fun. But this year is my senior year woaaaah and I'm super excited. Not really for the homework, but for senior privileges and our senior sweaters (yeah we get them). Not that the privileges are unbelieveable, but nonetheless, I waited for 4 years to be a senior and to be at the top of the so called "food chain" and now I'm the cream of the crop with the rest of my class. Ahhh it's great!

But ugh talking about school so early makes me get sick. So my summer has been awesome. Actually, I just came back from a vacation down the shore to a little place right before Cape May (all you jersey people know what I'm talking about). It was so peaceful and warm and I even got a tan! I'm so proud of myself! After 5 days of just laying out in the sun SO HOT i'm not excatly a different ethnicity, but have offical tan lines! Thus, this time must go down in history. seriously. When we were down there though, I took so many walks and passed by beautiful houses. One I fell in love with...it's amazing. It was such pretty flowers and landscaping and a huge wrap-around-porch. It's honestly my dream house. It has close to 3 balconies (yes, you heard right) and bamboo shades around the porch so incase it rains or you want to keep the bugs out, you can just role them right down. Of course I couldn't see the inside of it but I'm sure it's a dream. I took some stalkerish pictures of it hehe so y'all can take a look. I also took some pictures of two other houses that looked so adorable I couldn't pass up. They look like they are from a movie or something.

This was one of the houses that I thought could be from a movie

Same one

I love this side of the hosue with the staircase

The side of my dream house

This is still the side, but you can see the bamboo shades lowered down

This is inside the wrap around porch. I was never able to get a picture of the actual front of the house, but people were there so I would have looked a little stalkerish taking a picture of them...right?

Alright I hope you enjoy these pictures! They are beautiful to me and I hope they are to you too!

Love your beachy and tan friend,
Kara Jae

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